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Find, talk and toss a kibble to you pet remotely.

Make fun with your pet - You can  play with your pet by throwing kibbles to any direction , any distance  remotely.  Your dog will chase a rolling kibble and slide on floor. Don’t miss take a snap photo or movie . Sharing the moment is fun time. Simply . If your phone is busy ,A provided cute remote controller make you feel easy.

Function summary ....

1.Wireless HD Pet monitoring camera (HD camera)

2.panning angle (Right 90~ Left 90 degree)

3. Kibble Tossing function

4.Adjustable throw distance (3-10ft)

5.2 way audio communication

6.video recording , snap shot

7.Auto play (3 modes) ,Timer play (3 modes)

8.Five Call melodies

9.Smart phone control & Remote controller control

10.Compact size and design / 5.5x5.7x6.3 inch , 3.5 pound



Toss a Kibble
Crystal Clear
Panning Angle

Specially Designed sensor detects a kibble and lets you toss one kibble at a time 


Your dog will jump and run. Enjoy the moment


Lovoom lets you control the distance of your food launch, keeping your pet entertained for hours. Toss food from approximately 3 to 10 feet away (1 to 3 meters).

Lovoom features Wireless HD camera. You can see your pet in a clear way from a distance. Also, You can record videos or take photos of your adorable pet from your phone and store them safely.

A Natural Motion

Lovoom tosses food at a 60 degree angle. While that number might at first sound random, it's anything but that. It was specifically chosen to mimic how humans actually toss food, making it a more natural and enjoyable activity for your pet.

Lovoom lets you control the direction of your food launch.

(Right 90~ Left 90 degree)

 180 degree rotation to keeps your pet extremely active by never knowing where the next snack is coming from.

Remote Control

Lovoom connects via Wi-Fi. Smartphones not your thing? Don't worry. Lovoom can also be operated via a infrared remote control, which you can purchase separately.


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