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Time to break ! Find your dog and play with Kibble cam ,Lovoom

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Time to break ! Kibble cam lovoom lets you find , talk and play with your pet remotely.

The Most Playful Pet Cam with Kibble Launcher, Lovoom

Kibble Cam , Lovoom will make you smile

Lovoom: Best Pet Camera | 1. Wi-Fi Pet monitoring camera (HD camera) 2. PAN angle (180 degree,+/-90) 3. Kibble Launcher (You can use treat) 4. Adjustable throw distance (3-10ft) (1~3 meter) – This includes rolling distance . Remote controller : Mid range / Low range (2 steps) Smart phone control : High range /Mid range /Low range (3 steps) 5. Two-Way Voice via built-in MIC and speaker 6. video recording , snap shot 7. Automatic play mode 8. Timer play mode 9. Smart phone control (Android , iOS) 10. Remote controller

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